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Gönenç Real Estate Company explained the ways of selling houses easily in winter and offered to avoid the disadvantages of summer season. The winter months in the real estate industry are considered dead season. However, there are many methods in Marmaris Real Estate market that will make it easier to sell your house in this period. We all know that it is more difficult to move in winter due to seasonal conditions. For families with children it will be even more difficult to change the house during the winter. Conditions such as transport of children will arise. Depending on the seasonal conditions, it will be very difficult to heat the houses that are left empty for a long time. However, it is possible to turn these negative reasons into advantage.

To Sell the House in Winter

1. Pay attention to the value you give for your home; Winter holiday is in demand because there are very few places put up for sale. The most important thing to do to take advantage of this advantage is to determine the price of your home market.

2. Follow your ads about house for sale in Marmaris ; Be sure to advertise to sell your home is important. You have to follow your advertisement continuously and regularly. If your ad is ineffective, you are not constantly updating your ad.

3. Keep up with the developments; The developments in your home you put up for sale, by closely following events very soon. Shopping centers, parking area, minibus, taxi, bus stop, plus directions will facilitate the sale of your home.

4. Main of the positive aspects of buying housing in the winter; Convince it is advantageous to buy the wintered house on the other side. In this way, customers will be persuaded to buy housing in winter.

Disadvantages of Buying a House in Summer

We all know that there is too much housing available on the market in the summer. As a result of the researches, it was revealed that the advertisements of houses for sale in Marmaris are higher in summer than in winter. If you have too many criteria for the homes you are looking for, you should start doing your research in the summer months. However, remember that the competition is very high in the summer months. You know that the price of the house you like is high in summer. If you want to buy housing at an affordable price, you should prefer winter.

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Marmaris Homes
Looking for a place to enjoy your summer vacation? Are you tired of famous places such as Antalya, Bodrum, Kuşadası and tourists and people? Are you saying I always want to retire there instead of vacation? Marmaris News for holidaymakers are constantly published.Then this article is for you. When people say summer vacation, Antalya comes to their minds because Antalya is the most touristic city in our country and even some tourists call it country.

But retirement doesn't look like a place where you can live, because it's more ideal for a summer holiday. Marmaris is one of the best places you will spend your whole life, not only in summer but also in winter. Since the house prices for sale in Marmaris have been declining in recent years, you can look at Marmaris property for sale with ease and you can also go to Marmaris real estate houses.

Whether cleaning or people have always been a priority place. With no sweltering heat, winters are not harsh and rainy. This will be a place where you can spend your life, not only summers, but your retirement.

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Muğla Marmaris We have been selling land and houses for 25 years in Selimiye real estate market. Our company was established in 1994 as a family company in Marmaris Center. Selimiye real estate prices are in a chronic rise. High demand is the most important reason.

In Selimiye real estate market, the zoning situation is constantly evolving. If your parcel has a limit to the road you have a high chance of building buildings. If you do not have a cadastral path, you cannot obtain construction permit.

However, there are many different criteria for building construction. For example, construction of sites is prohibited. Also, construction permit cannot be obtained within 100 meters of the sea. Reconciliation Peace has brought amnesty for many illegally constructed buildings.

Gonenç Real Estate Company is on the official website of Selimiye Emlak Real Estate. These advertisements are updated regularly. The company information checks by a team. Most recently posted listings are posted on our homepage. Also, it is announce latest hot property from the social media accounts opened for us. You can follow the latest information by following us.

For foreigners, Marmarisnews provides blog posts about news, analysis, life about the real estate industry. Guest writers also include pages with editorial approval. You can record your comments and comments when you follow.

Revision development plan was effective on markets. Please send your questions about Selimiye Real Estate. Frequently asked questions are answered on our page. Responses are publishing on this page.

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Gonenç Real Estate Company Muğla and around Marmaris properties for rent to offer to the audience offers information to the site. There is a significant contraction in housing supply. Rental property find shortage will increase even more in years to come. Because new housing is only achieved by urban transformation. Prices are quite expensive. In this case, we can say that the prices will increase day by day.

The housing you watched was rented within two days after the start. Annually we announce from the portfolio. If you are looking for a rental home;
Please click here Rental Property for to go to our page about the Houses for Rent.

Gonenç Real Estate Company is in its 25th year of service. Please send us your questions. For foreigners, our Marmaris News website offers real estate news with various topics. Our company provides consultancy services in the coastal zone of Datca Fethiye. Turkey Mugla is our service environment. We are also publishing a variety of real estate notices for sale not just for rent.


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Getting a house unfinished construction from the foundation means buying a more unfinished state of the building. For those who want to buy a cheaper home in real estate Turkey. This method is cheaper and the house is cheaper. What is to buy a house from unfinished construction? If we open the question further, the construction of such houses is not completed yet. The house is cheap and it is possible to buy the desired floor or apartment. However, another advantage of getting a basic home is to determine how to build the rest of the house. In this process, which is cheaper, the house can also be borrowed at a more affordable price. Similar to cash purchase, this process also offers cheaper prices.

Advantages of Home

  • Price is more convenient
  • Opportunity to make a premium after completion of the house
  • Purchase of the desired floor
  • Better credit
  • Completion of the project as desired

All these are the known advantages of getting home. On the other hand, the fact that there are other advantages at the same time with cheaper prices makes house buying more attractive. With affordable prices, it is also very attractive. In other words, the bank, which is purchased with only the loan without down payment. Among these advantages of getting a house from foundation is the determination of the desired premium after the construction is completed. The determination of the desired premium increases gradually in the home purchase process.

What should we pay attention to when buying a house?

Completing the house when buying real estate Marmaris and no problem means trust to the buyer. Securing the buyer is also a very important issue in the home purchase process. There are also other types of floors in house purchases, which are incomplete. It is important to pay attention to many things when buying such houses. The fact that the house should be taken into consideration when buying a unfinished construction is that the house is being completed by a reliable construction company. Because such home purchase transactions in the first place can be very profitable, while at the end of the loss. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when buying a house.

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Pearl of the south coast of Turkey

We are the leader in the region for the sale of villas and land in the Selimiye real estate market. Announced in the 24th year by Gonenç Real Estate Company Muğla Marmaris Selimiye has offer  66 plot were on sale.

Muğla Marmaris Selimiye neighborhood for sale 66 land, field, village house type real estate was introduced by Gonenç Real Estate Company. The firm, which has been serving the Selimiye property market for 24 years, continues to offer opportunities.

Gonenç Emlak Real Estate offers ads from our site. Our site for 12 years non-stop real estate ads for sale publishes.

Selimiye Emlak website has been owned by our company for 10 years and has more comprehensive content. We recommend that those who are interested in the subject visit.

Selimiye Real Estate site is also broadcast with different content. Articles are also included here.

Marmaris News You can watch the most current real estate news of Marmaris from Marmaris-Haber.com. News, economy, tourism, sports, real estate issues are published

with rich content.

The quality of the service  has determines Value of Real Estate Company . We are the only real estate company in Marmaris that provides real estate consultancy services for 24 years in the same address. We are continuously renew our company portfolio. You can follow our advertisements and news from our social media accounts and smart telephones. Our company offers important investment opportunities.Please contact us for further information.

The International Nace Code of our company is 683102.

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How to Earn Profit from Real Estate Investment in Marmaris?
The opportunities in the Marmaris real estate market are always gaining. Although the real estate sector is a profitable sector, delicate balances affected by different points may cause fluctuations in prices. In this context, there are some points that should be emphasized on those who want to make profitable real estate investment. So how to make a profitable real estate investment?


A standard point that everyone knows is that when buying housing in the real estate industry, it is cheaper to buy. But unfortunately, they use this logic to deprive individuals of harm. Risk factors in the real estate sector should be analyzed very well at first and real estate investments should be evaluated and discussed at every point. Here are some good points to consider while investing at this point. So what are these?


Real Estate Investor
Marmarisbox says; Investing in the real estate sector has the right and profit potential. Right to housing;
* A bill in the sky
* Reuse and allow placement
* Using documents
expropriation will be made in the real estate in the future *
* Whether or not the ground survey is done
, the house facing the natural disasters

* Resistance
You should pay attention to these situations.


Because these spots will make the sale easier, you can profit. Investment is a risk, so these risks in the real estate sector should be evaluated and analyzed in the best way. Those who make this analysis true can make a profit in their investments.

What to Do Real Estate Investors?
Real estate investors should be rigorous and interested in making profitable real estate investments. So, what should real estate investors do and behave in this sector?

Decisions made in a hurry are always too much investment. For this reason, you should evaluate the products you have mentioned before and make sure that the real estate you buy has the same standards. If the property's property is equal to the price of the building, you will leave a profit and this point should be well calculated. At this point, all factors affecting the price of the house, from the age of the purchased house to the structure and structure, should be compared with the investment price and a profit planning should be created and the accounts made at this point should be satisfied. you. Also, as in all sectors, your biggest advantage in this sector will be patience.

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